The Kratom herb – Is it safe and how to use it?

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Kratom herb has become quite popular with some people, who have anxiety issues, as well as various painful conditions. However, even more, people would like to consume it but have a lot of suspicions, when it comes to the safety and effectiveness of Kratom. If taken by itself, and responsibly, Kratom is perfectly safe. But, if taken in excessive doses, it can cause a habit, and in the worst case, an addiction. That is why it is recommended to use Kratom on certain occasions, instead of on a daily basis.

Start slowly

22sfkdoIf you have never consumed Kratom in the past and you are about to start using now, keep in mind that you should start taking it no more than once per week. If you are more susceptible to its effects than normally, try using it once or twice a month. This way, you will ensure that you are not going to develop a habit or addiction.

Health concerns?

If you consume Kratom in recommended doses and on a recommended weekly or monthly basis, it is highly unlikely that you will start experiencing any health conditions and issues. In southeastern Asia, where some people have a habit of consuming massive quantities of Kratom on a daily basis, recent studies have shown that these people have developed various medical conditions. Some of these include dark facial pigmentation or substantial loss of weight.

Some of the people, who have abruptly stopped using Kratom, have experienced some withdrawal symptoms. Such as diarrhea, runny nose, muscle jerking and aches, uncontrollable expressions of emotions, irritability and more. Various users can also find out that they have an allergy on Kratom, even if they use it according to the recommendations. In the case of allergies, users should immediately stop using Kratom, to avoid severe health risks. To acquire more info on this, make sure to check out

Other substances

It is highly recommended not to consume Kratom alongside other stimulant type drugs or substances, which can include yohimbine, amphetamines, coffee, as well as any other illegal drugs. Taking Kratom with these substances can cause a substantially increased blood pressure and can lead to over-stimulation.

Also, make sure not to consume Kratom with large amounts of opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol beverages, and any kinds of drugs and medicaments that are known to affect the nervous system to various degrees. If you take Kratom with these substances, you run the risk of experiencing over-sedation, respiratory distress and some respiratory conditions.

This herb, or any products based on it, should also not be combined with any MAO inhibitors. Kratom mostly consists of monoamine alkaloids, which, basically make Kratom a monoamine drug. If MAO inhibitors are used alongside monoamine drugs, they can cause severe, or, in some cases, even fatal reactions.

Safe combinations

33jhdjshjshOne the other side, there are some substances and ingredients Kratom can be used with. It is perfectly safe to combine it with teas made from red poppy flowers, blue lotus, or regular black tea. Many users have confirmed that these combinations are perfectly pleasant and safe.

Is it legal?

The Kratom herb is currently legal in Canada, the US, as well as most of the European countries. However, it is illegal in a large number of Asian countries, especially southeastern ones, such as Vietnam, Burma or Thailand. If you want to make a safe purchase, make sure to do it online, from some reputable stores.