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Playing Basketball Outdoors

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Basketball is mainly an indoor game, but we also have people who play the game outdoors. This means that it is necessary to have a specific type of ball that can accommodate the outdoor environment. The indoor basketball is made using leather. The leather is a sensitive material, and it is prone to scratches and tear.

The indoor basketball court is usually smooth and polished and using a leather ball is fine because the surface is not rough. On the other hand, when buying a basketball to use outside, you need to consider other factors when choosing a ball.

Outdoor basketball


When choosing an outdoor ball, rubber is the most preferred materiawrweerwerwl. Most of the outdoor surfaces are rough and using a leather ball will not be doing justice to it. You need a ball that can be able to withstand the rough basketball court.

The best bet for you will be going for a rubber basketball. However, if you feel that rubber is too cheap for you, then you can go for a synthetic ball. A synthetic ball is a bit classy than a rubber ball, but it is still strong enough to withstand a rough area.


Playing outdoors is always a challenge especially if your ball does not give you the right bounce. Playing basketball is all about bouncing and dribbling, and it is important that your ball can offer you that. Before choosing a basketball for playing outdoors, make sure that you taste the dribbling and bouncing capabilities. Depending on the way the basketball court is made, you will have an idea of how the ball will perform.


The grip of the ball is also important when choosing both an indoor and an outdoor basketball. It is important to make sure that your ball has the right grip. This is a good way to make sure that the players have control of the game. There are some balls that are too smooth, and this makes it difficult to sustain a good grip when playing.


The durability of any ball will depend on the quality of the material as well as the environment or the court where the ball is played. You would expect an indoor basketball to go a little bit longer than an outdoor ball because the two balls are played in different environments. It is important to always for basketball that will give you value for your money. Take time and look for different options before settling on one.