Overcoming the Unpleasant Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

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Addictive drugs commonly change the way your brain regulates mood and processes emotions to give you an artificial feeling of pleasure. Continued use of these drugs interferes with the reward and motivation chemistry in your body resulting in drug dependence and cravings. Once you become addicted to a certain drug, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms if you fail to take the drug.

It is necessary to note that the different drugs and substances have different withdrawal timelines and symptoms depending on how the drug interacts with your brain and other bodily functions as well as the drug half-life. The drug half-life refers to the duration the drug remains active in your body.

The Severity and Duration of Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

gdhgd674The duration and severity of drug withdrawal depend on several factors that include the dependency level, type of the drug, duration of the drug abuse, method of abuse, quantity taken every time, genetic makeup and family history as well medical and mental factors. You need to understand that an individual who has taken larger amounts of a certain drug over a prolonged period is more likely to experience longer withdrawal duration with powerful symptoms than an individual who has taken smaller amounts over a shorter period.

Drug Withdrawal Treatment

To overcome the problem of drug withdrawal completely, you must undergo a drug detoxification program. A detox is a comprehensive rehabilitation program that provides you with all the tools necessary for recovery while also preventing the unpleasant consequences resulting from the sudden cessation of the drug use.

An effective detox program aids the patient in becoming independent from drugs through stabilization and then through a detoxification period. After stabilization, the focus of the treatment shifts to monitoring and support as the body rids itself of the drug as well as managing the withdrawal symptoms that may occur.

Psychotherapeutic treatment

It is also imperative to note that you may also need to undergo a psychotherapeutic treatment to deal with the problems of cravings and the brain changes because of long-term use. You need to note that detox program alone would most likely help you overcome drug abuse in the short term with a risk of relapse unless follow-up care and therapy is part of the treatment.


Furthermore, it is important to understand that different individuals react differently to various substance withdrawals. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms include mood disturbances, sleep disorders, cravings and physical issues such as tremors, shaking, sweating and chills. Some drugs may also have fewer major physical withdrawal symptoms but cause powerful psychological symptoms such as serious depression and suicidal thoughts.

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