Sustained Weight Loss Success

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The majority of people believes that once an individual is fat, he or she cannot lose the body fat gained at a short time possible or in the long term. One of the activities a person undertakes to lose body fat is a physical exercise which is done on a daily basis. Sustained weight loss can only be achieved by practicing a strict food diet which is balanced on a regular basis. Keeping up with the weight loss program is sometimes tedious and boring since the activities involved are done on a regular basis. So an individual should always entirely focus on the fat loss program to achieve desirable results. The Impromy program is one great program that helps individuals lose weight. These are the strategies to be observed by an individual for sustained weight loss to be successful;


Measure your weight

kjkkjjkjkkjjkjkjkBy measuring your weight on a daily or weekly basis will enable an individual to know how much pounds he is losing. One can put more effort in case there is slightly decrease in weight, and also the food diet program is followed strictly. In the end, one can practice weight control measures on a daily basis.

Taking notes

Taking notes of activities done and achieved during the weight loss program is recommended at the end of the day. An individual body weight should be recorded plus the type of food being consumed for future reference. Taking notes will enable somebody to track the rate at which he is burning fats in his body system. One should also include the targets and goals to be achieved at a particular time.

Mindfully eating

It has been discovered through different research that an individual that takes his time to eat will consume fewer calories. So people aiming for body fat loss are advised to practice mindfully eating.

Simple breakfast

An individual should make a simple meal which contains high protein foods. These high protein foods aid in the reduction of concentration in postprandial ghrelin. High protein food is always the best solution for weight loss since they are ease to digest and contain very few calories which play a bigger part in someone gaining weight.

Downsizing plates and glasses

Br reducing the size of plates and glasses aids an individual to eat less food. Hence the existence of fats in one’s body system is reduced.

Having the right company

hgghhggqqqqqAn individual who is sustaining weight loss should be surrounded with people who are practicing the weight loss program. The good company of individuals which enable them encourage each other and offer advice where necessary. A person with a training partner can lose more body fat than the one who is training alone.

4 Ways to Maintain Your Body as an Athlete

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It requires hard work and diligence for anyone to realize their full potential as an athlete. Participation in athletics imparts greater-than-average stress on the human body, and you have to learn how to take care of your body as an athlete in order to succeed.

Athletes have above average requirements for strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and speed. The most successful players must satisfy sleep & nutritional needs and address injuries promptly and properly.

Top 4 ways to take care of your body as an athlete

1. Get 8-10 hours of sleep everyday

Exercise subjects your body to tremendous forces on the joints, bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments. It also engages both your brain and nervous system to an extremely high capacity. Sleep is important as the body repairs itself and rejuvenates the nervous system when you are resting.


2. Take care of injuries

Aches, pains, and injuries are essential parts of being an athlete. But you cannot simply wish yourself back after to fitness after an injury — you have to actively work your way back. Report all injuries – however minor – to your athletic trainer. There are many things he/she can do to expedite your recovery and prevent future recurrences.

3. Eat to compete

If you do not eat the right foods, your fitness will deteriorate. A good nutrition plan will promote optimal training by increasing muscle response time and fostering a positive mental outlook by reducing exercise-induced irritability and improving alertness. Ideally, you should always eat a well-balanced breakfast and lunch while drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Stay away from fast foods as they digest slower and are high in unhealthy fats.

Put the intensity of the exercises you perform into consideration when choosing what to eat, whether it is for exercise, competition or recovery after competition. Healthy amounts of carbs, proteins, and vitamins will help your body recover from the stresses of hard practice or intense competition.


Deliberately select fruits and vegetables that are rich in minerals and antioxidants. It is also wise to include omega-3 rich fish, nuts, and spreads to promote a healthy heart and reduce inflammation. For best results, take supplements like Gnarly Whey. Check out the Gnarly coupon code and grab the pills at a great price!

4. Treat your body to some relaxation

It goes without saying that you must exercise, but rest are even more important when you are constantly pushing your body, daily stretch sessions, Epsom baths, meditation, yoga, etc. are some of the most effective rest techniques you can employ. Let your body relax while at the same time checking how t is doing. You will get amazing feedback from your body if you are aware and in-tune.